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We Offer a Special Program For Pest Control Insurance Businesses in Missouri


Special insurance products for pest control and exterminators!

Pest Control, exterminators and other companies that specialize in the removal or treatment of pests and other critters should contact us about this special insurance program. We’ll help you with the right kind and type of insurance products you may need for your business at an affordable price! If you are looking for great rates and a superior product for pest control insurance in the State of Missouri…then you’ve come to the right place!

Pest Control Insurance Coverage Available:

  • Professional Liability Coverage
  • General Liability Coverage
  • Pollution
  • Customers Property in Your Care
  • Medical Payments
  • EPL – Employment Practices Liability
  • Commercial or Business Auto
  • Building and Personal Property
  • Loss of Income Coverage
  • Tool and Equipment Coverage
  • Crime Coverage
  • Commercial Umbrella
  • Workers Compensation Coverage

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You’ll find this Program is Designed for:

  • Professional Pest Control Business in Missouri
  • Wildlife Removal Professionals in Missouri
  • Pest Control and Termite Inspection Services in Missouri
  • Treating Business and Residential Clients in Missouri and surrounding areas

If you are in the pest control business then you should contact our office and inquire about our Special Insurance Program for Pest Control Operations. This program is designed for pest control professionals who:

  • Treat businesses, manufacturing, processing, healthcare related, hotels and motels, recreational and individual residential clients;
  • Apply chemicals inside structures and their surrounding grounds;
  • Provide insect and pest control services for termites, ants, roaches, hibernating insects, bees, wasps and other unwanted bugs;
  • Baiting, trap use and who remove unwanted wildlife, rodents, birds and other small mammals;
  • Provide special pest control inspections and consultations and provide reports about wood eating insects and other wood destroying organisms.
  • Treat termites and provide termite removal services.

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Operating a pest control business has unique challenges. Challenges that many other businesses don’t have to face. You know your working in an industry that has been projected to sustain a significant annual growth for the years to come. You face some interesting issues including that your business, for the most part, is a seasonal business with most work occurring in the summer months. Experiencing a normal slow down during the winter months can mean potential employee lay offs, slowed revenue streams and other challenges that must be addressed. Working to market your pest control business is a constant job. If you are an owner/operator you know exactly what we’re talking about. If you operate a larger pest control business then your challenges are multiplied.

Having a solid insurance program behind your team should be a key part of your overall business operation strategy. Our program is unique in that it addresses those issues you, as a business owner, face in protecting your business. So when it comes time to renew your current pest control insurance program be sure to give us a call! We can help improve your program, possibly reduce your cost and increase your coverage in those areas you really need to be protected.

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