House of Worship – Insurance Coverage for Your Church

House of Worship – Insurance Coverage for Your Church

Your faith and congregation are important to you and that’s why protecting them from loss is so important to us. We know how amazing the architecture that goes with many churches no matter how small or large. From the stained-glass windows of the church sanctuary to the kitchen and gathering rooms, from solid limestone exteriors to classic wood siding, all houses of worship are different. As a matter of fact your church may even have a coffee shop or provide a café where others may gather for music or informal discussion! No matter your faith or denomination, there’s proper insurance coverage available for your church, mosque, temple, house of worship, chapel, pagoda and synagogue.

It’s important to protect your congregation in case of a disaster as your church is a pillar of your community. It goes on, no matter what, in many cases even if it’s held at a member of your congregation’s home. Many churches have bible studies, vacation bible school, community meetings, preschools and daycare centers. There is so much that goes into a house of worship that we want to help you be aware of the insurance coverage you may need to stay protected.

Not only will your house of worship need coverage for fires, slips and falls, storm damage and water damage, but also misconduct, theft and even special coverage for recreational activities. Accidents and mother nature happen, but that doesn’t mean it’s the end. Proper insurance protection and even disaster planning can help assure that your congregation will continue even after a loss. Many different insurance coverages are available to you. There’s also coverage for employment practices and coverage if a member of the congregation is affected negatively by counseling, they receive from the pastor/clergy person.

One of the insurance companies we represent that we offers a great house of worship program and one that I would like to highlight is Grinnell Mutual Insurance Company. They offer House of Worship policies and include or make available in their policy:

  1. Pastoral Counseling Liability
  2. Money and Securities-$20,000 on premise and $10,000 off premises
  3. Money and Securities Coverage-Doubled on specific days
  4. Embezzlement by Other Than Employee-$10,000 coverage
  5. Loss Control Services Included- We can give you more information about this.

Grinnell Mutual also offers other important BUT optional coverages like Directors’ and Officers’ Liability, Day Care/Pre-School, Sexual Misconduct or Molestation, Claims-Made Liability and Occurrence Liability, Specified Additional Amount of Insurance and Catastrophic Violence Response.

What if Grinnell is not a good fit? No problem! At Mid America Specialty Markets you’ll find we have a variety of insurance companies that provide house of worship coverage! That’s the benefit of working with a professional independent insurance agency where we have access to not just one insurance but many different insurance companies where we can secure quotes from for your house of worship.

Just give us a call today, talk to one of our commercial team members and let us analyze your house of worship program for the best coverage at the best premium!

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