A Data Breach Can Ruin Your Business – Are You Really Prepared?

cyber theft data breach

One in five businesses have suffered a data breach or cyber attack and if you ask most business owners they will tell you they are prepared! Really?? Think about that. Twenty percent of all businesses have suffered a loss of their clients personal and private information.Let’s talk about how a data breach can ruin your […]

AirBnB Problems for Homeowners

AirBnB Problems for Homeowners

Thinking about renting your home on AirBnB? Or perhaps on one of the many other companies that short-term rent your home? Well before you do that, you should know there are some things that will affect your insurance coverage! Let’s talk! These things range from “will a claim be covered under my current policy” to […]

Cyber Liability Exposure – Is Your Business Exposed?

cyber liability insurance in Columbia STATE | Mid-America Specialty Markets

Any business that stores, sends and receives information through electronic data needs Cyber Liability! Especially if your company keeps sensitive information like payment information, social security numbers, dates of birth and drivers license numbers. Information like that puts your clients or customers personal identity at risk! Cyber Liability insurance policies will typically cover loss or […]

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