Support Small Business Saturday in Your Community!

Support Small Business Saturday in Your Community!

Tired of the huge crowds at all the big box stores? Well today, November 24, 2018 is Support Small Business Saturday. It’s the day after Black Friday and it’s a day that is so important to your local small business community.

I’m sure that in your home town you have a very active local small business group of business owners. Most of these business owners will have stores located in your downtown area and throughout your town. Locally owned retail stores, restaurants and service providers all count on your support. Not just on Support Small Business Saturday but every day!

Local small business provides many services that may not be available from the big box stores. Many of these small businesses are owned by families living right there in your community. Some of these businesses will have been handed down from generation to generation creating a legacy right there in your own back yard. If you’re looking for someone who has knowledge about a specific product you won’t have to look any farther than your local business community.

Many of these small businesses are still mom and pop types of business, living the American Dream, providing products and services to their neighbors and friends. Earning an income and paying taxes to support their local community.

The importance of supporting your local small business community cannot be stressed enough this holiday season!

When you spend a dollar with a small business in your community that dollar stays local. Your money goes to pay employees, buy stock and expand services to help grow the business. Your locally spend money goes to help support your local schools and community outreach services.

Here’s a few points to consider:

  • Customer Service – You’ll find small businesses provide big customer service.
  • Unique Products – Small businesses in your community, unlike the big box stores, will routinely provide access to unique, boutique products and a variety of options to consider mostly unavailable in the large box stores.
  • Special Orders – Most will have the ability to provide special order products to meet your individual needs.
  • Good Neighbors – Small business owners live right there in your community. They support your local community.
  • Hire Local – Small business owners will hire local folks to staff their businesses.

Be sure to get out and Support Small Business Saturday in your community today!

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