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Mid America Specialty Markets provides manufacturing insurance to manufacturers in Missouri and  surrounding areas including: Columbia, MO; Springfield, MO; O’Fallon, MO; Lee’s Summit, MO; Shawnee and Overland Park, KS; Seneca, MO; Lamar, MO; Clever, MO; Neosho, MO and Carthage, MO.  

The manufacturing industry is responsible for a seemingly endless quantity of products created. In turn, manufacturing company owners have to deal with the similarly high amount of problems that can arise. At Mid America Specialty Markets, we understand the risks that come with running a manufacturing company make a quality insurance plan that much more important. Manufacturing insurance is a special area within the entire commercial insurance arena. We understand how to structure a manufacturing insurance program that meets the specific needs of your individual manufacturing operation.

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Who Qualifies for Our Manufacturing Insurance Programs:

Food Product Manufacturers –

Those manufacturers who make canned fruits, vegetables, preserves, jams and jellies, candy and other confectionery products, chocolate and cocoa products, salted and roasted nuts and seeds, roasted coffee, manufactured ice, macaroni, spaghetti, vermicelli, noodles and other food items.

Textile and Leather Manufacturers –

Manufacturers who make suits, coats, overcoats, shirts, underwear, nightwear, ties, trousers and slacks, work clothing, hats, dress and work gloves, robes, belts, apparel and accessories, canvas and related products.

Printing and Publishing Manufacturers –

Including newspapers, publishing and printing, books publishing and printing and book printing.

Stone – Clay and Glass Manufacturers –

Manufacturing operations who make flat glass, glass containers, pressed and blown glass and glassware, glass products made of purchased glass, vitreous china plumbing fixtures, fine earthenware table and kitchen articles, pottery products and other items.

Fabricated Metal Manufacturers –

Manufacturing operations that include hand and edge tools, screw machine tools, coating, engraving and allied services.

Industrial Equipment Manufacturers –

Manufacturing operations that include machine tools, metal forming type of tools, special dies and tools, die sets, jigs and fixtures and industrial molds, optical instruments and lenses and other items.

Rubber and Plastics Manufacturers –

Manufacturers who make products out of rubber and plastics. This is a very broad category of manufacturing operations. The end user becomes very important when properly classifying these types of manufacturing operations.

Metal Goods Manufacturers –

Another extremely broad category of acceptable operations. Individual insurance carrier appetites will depend on the specific products being produced. We find that many manufacturing operations that fall under this general category are often misclassified and not properly insured.

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Insurance Coverage Options

Check out some of our manufacturing insurance coverage options:

  • Product Liability Coverage
  • Umbrella Liability Coverage
  • Coverage for Manufacturing Equipment
  • Commercial General Liability insurance
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Building, Business Personal Property and Loss of Income
  • Stock – Raw Materials and Finished Products
  • Cargo Coverage
  • Commercial Auto and Transportation
  • Cyber Liability Coverage

Insurance programs that are correctly designed for a manufacturing operation will include the above coverage in some form or other but it doesn’t stop there. Because of the complexity of most manufacturing operations, to be properly insured requires digging deeper into the actual products manufactured and the identification of loss exposure. Please read on.

Identification of Loss Exposures

Identification of your business operations exposure to risk is a requirement. After all, you can not properly design a manufacturing insurance program without gaining an understanding of the exposure to loss that your manufacturing company faces.

You’ll find that through our risk identification procedures we will work with you to help identify those specific loss situations that may impact your individual business and then work with you to develop a manufacturing insurance program that will address those identified loss exposures.

To begin our risk exposure identification procedure simply complete our risk exposure identification form and email it to our commercial team at Once we receive your completed form one of our commercial team members will reach out to you.

Additional Manufacturing Insurance Options Available

  • Brands & Labels – Coverage to remove labels and stamp “salvage” on your branded merchandise that is damaged by a covered loss.
  • Manufacturers Selling Price – This coverage will pay the original selling price of your product in the event of a covered loss as opposed to a reduced value.
  • Manufacturers Consequential Loss Assumption Coverage – If you have a loss to your stock while in the manufacturing process this coverage form will pay for the reduced value of the remaining stock that may be in process.
  • Theft Coverage for Patterns, Dies, and Molds and Forms – An exclusion under most property coverage forms, this special coverage will pay for loss by theft of those items up to the business personal property limit as shown on your policy.
  • Personal Property of Others – A valuable coverage when your business operation has in it’s possession property owned by others. Personal property of other is normally excluded or limited under most property coverage forms.

As you can see, insurance products for manufacturing operations cannot be a one size fits all type of situation. Every manufacturer is different. No one insurance package can meet all the needs of an individual manufacturing operation. Because of this, be sure to reach out to Mid America Specialty Markets for a risk analysis of your manufacturing operation!

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